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Barite, toxicite and brookite


The more common minerals of barium in Guizhou, BaO 65.7%, SO3 34.3%, may have Sr, Pb, and Ca impurities that are similar in nature. Molecular weight 233.39, density 4.3g / cm3, hardness 3 ~ 3.5, streak white, pure barite colorless and transparent, generally gray, white, light yellow, glass luster, cleavage surface is pearl luster, transparent to half Transparent, complete and moderate cleavage in three directions. Barium can be replaced by the complete isomorphism of strontium to form lapis lazuli; it can be partially replaced by lead to form Beitou Stone (named after being produced from Beitou Hot Spring in Taiwan). Orthogonal (orthorhombic) crystal system, the crystals often become thick plate-shaped, columnar, fibrous, tubular crystals, gathered together, sometimes can form rose-shaped or branched crystal blocks, this is called crown hairy barite ; Mostly dense or plate-like, granular, nodules. Insoluble in water, dripping acid does not foam. It often coexists with quartz, fluorite, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, cinnabar, etc.

Toxic BaO is 77.7%, CO2 is 22.3%, and there may be trace impurities of Sr, Mg and Ca which are similar in nature. Orthorhombic system, crystals are rare, and the aggregates are mostly dense or fibrous, grape-like. Colorless, slightly yellowish gray. Glass luster, grease lubricating fracture, hardness 3-3.5, brittle. The specific gravity is 4.2-4.3, it foams when it meets acid, it is easily soluble in hydrochloric acid, and barium sulfate (barite) precipitates after adding sulfuric acid. It often coexists with dolomite, calcite, barite, and barite ore. Produced in Liulin, Sui County, Hubei, Tianzhu, Guizhou, Guangxi Xiangmu Mountain and other places.

Barite, BaO 55%, SiO2 45%, contains Al2O3, CaO, MgO and SrO impurities. Orthorhombic, the crystals are plate-like or plate-like, often granular aggregates. White to colorless, translucent to transparent, glass luster to pearl luster. Hardness 5.5, specific gravity 3.71, insoluble in water and acid. Often symbiotic with poisonous stones and quartz. It is not widely distributed and is not widely used.

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