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Effect of Barite Powder on the Strength of High Alumina Cement


High alumina cement, also known as aluminate cement, has the advantages of high early strength, high temperature resistance and strong sulfate resistance. In recent years, due to the rapid growth of early strength of high alumina cement, it can be demoulded as early as possible, and the construction period is high. Aluminium-cement preparation of concrete is increasing. Due to the instability of high-aluminum cement in the later period, there is much controversy over its application in engineering. Guizhou barite studies have shown that the use of ultrafine powders as a mixture of high alumina cement can improve the later strength of high alumina cement.

Barite ore is a naturally occurring white inorganic salt that is a neutral filler. Its relative density is 4.16, which has the characteristics of light resistance and corrosion resistance, low oil absorption value, impervious to ultraviolet and X-rays, and radiation protection.

The study found that with the increase of the amount of barite powder, the density of ordinary Portland cement concrete increased, but the strength decreased significantly. Studies have shown that the use of natural mineral barite as an additive to aluminate cement can reduce the standard consistency water requirement of aluminate cement, increase the strength of cement, reduce the strength regression in the later period, and not reduce the fire resistance of cement.

Adding an appropriate amount of barite powder mixed material to high alumina cement can not only improve the early strength of high alumina cement, but also inhibit the late strength reduction of high alumina cement; proper addition of barite powder can promote hydration of high alumina cement The main reason that the spar powder inhibits the late strength reduction of high alumina cement is that it inhibits the crystalline transformation of CAH10 and C2AH8 to C3AH6 in the hydration products of high alumina cement.

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