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Difference between barite powder and precipitated barium sulfate


Barite powder is also called barium sulfate. It is a barite ore. Barium sulfate powder with different levels of whiteness and fineness is obtained through crushing, washing, jigging, screening, classification and other processes, which is what we call barite powder. Barite powder is actually a powder obtained by processing and purifying high-quality barium, and precipitated barium sulfate is also a material for making other barium salts. From the understanding of them, the chemical molecules of barium sulfate and barite are the same.

Relatively speaking, the precipitated barium sulfate has a higher purity and whiteness after chemical pickling technology, and has a wider range of practicality and use. Precipitated barium sulfate manufacturers usually purchase barium sulfate, which are precipitated barium sulfate. How is precipitated barium sulfate obtained? In fact, the material of precipitated barium sulfate is also barite powder. The purity and whiteness of the barite powder are removed by the production technology and then purified. After chemical analysis and process analysis of barite powder and barium sulfate. From another perspective, barium sulfate is a barite powder. What is the relationship between barite powder and precipitated barium sulfate?

In fact, from the explanation above, it is not difficult to see that they are the products obtained through two different production processes. Although Guizhou barite can be used in paint, coating, plastic, rubber and other industries. But customers have different requirements. The choices are not nearly the same. The important difference between barite powder and precipitated barium sulfate is also distinguished by several related chemical parameters such as barium content, fineness, whiteness, specific gravity and so on.