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How does barite make radiation-proof concrete?


The performance of barite is very good, and the industry used also involves many places. China's barite mineral resources are abundant, and the deposits in many places are very large single mineral veins, so barite is also one of China's advantageous export resources. Barite has many uses, most of which can be used to make fillers, and barite can also be made into anti-radiation articles. For example, barium sulfate can be made into anti-radiation barium sulfate. In addition, it can also be used to make anti-radiation concrete. .

With the increasing use of various spraying isotopes, how to effectively shield spraying rays and ensure that workers engaged in toxic and spraying abolitions are not injured is an urgent need to deal with at this stage. Lime concrete is a widely used radiation protection material in front of the eyes, but normal lime concrete is often difficult to meet the specified requirements, while barite anti-irradiation concrete is a filler mainly based on barite with an apparent density of 3,500. Kg cubic meters, special concrete that complies with stagnant nuclear skills, it can improve its barrier power to X and Y rays by increasing the apparent density and compaction of concrete, and the neutron rays can be effectively weakened by the crystal water content in the concrete. The spar filler is widely distributed and inexpensive, and has a good future.

Barite manufacturers

Using "lime + barite powder" system, adopting high-density barite and barite sand, using high additive content and low power consumption, successfully developed workability with apparent density greater than 3,600 kg cubic meters. Barite anti-irradiation concrete with excellent and satisfactory mechanical functions. Using barite as a filler to make a barite concrete mixture, I found that the electricity consumption and the water-cement ratio react linearly to the concrete. The electricity consumption is less than 240 kilograms cubic meters, and the water-cement ratio is greater than 0.45. It is all right, and when the sand rate is 36%, cobblestone and general sand have a greater response to the function of barite anti-irradiation concrete. Drilling research and development felt that adding an excessive amount of barite powder mixed material to the high alumina lime did not only improve the late strength of the high alumina lime, and could prevent the early strength of the high alumina lime from shrinking.

There are still many functions of barite. Here we will not list them one by one. Although China ’s barite minerals are abundant, they are also used a little bit less, not to mention the fact that barite is used in the barite industry. With the waste problem, if we don't make improvements, one day our barite minerals will become exhausted.

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